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Street Lighting/Traffic Blinker System

Street Lighting/Traffic Blinker System

SOLAR LED Street Lighting Systems

Solar PV Powered Street Lighting system have proved to be extremely cost effective and useful specially in areas where the grid-electricity is not available or, laying of electric lines to and maintenance of normal electric Street Lights is considered very cumbersome and expensive.


There are three (3) ways Solar PV Street Lighting solutions can be configured.

All in one

All in ONE System

The Solar PV Panel, The Storage Battery and The LED Luminary all are inbuilt in ONE system

Two in one

Two in ONE System

The Solar PV Panel is separate, but the Storage Battery is built-in with the LED Luminary

Three in ONE System

The Solar PV Panel, The Battery and the LED Luminary all are kept separate.


Solar Traffic Blinkers

Traffic Blinker

Solar Traffic Light Body Description

Traffic Signal Body Dimension
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